OMR Sheet

These are printed with sensor mark . students have to circle their answer and when the sheet passes through special reader.

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OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) sheet is one of the “security print document” which is configured in such a manner that it is difficult to reproduce by anyone else, but easy to be identified by the owner as original. We have expertise in providing OMR answer sheet which is check against forgery.

The idea behind using these sheets is to make form processing “An Easy and a Fast process”.

These OMR sheets are extensively used by educational institutions across the world. They meet the needs of –
Competitive & Standard Examinations.
Data procuring purposes.
OMR Technology can be used in the following areas :-

Entrance Examinations
Multiple Choice Answer Sheets (Pre-Engineering/Medical Entrance Preparation Institute)
Student/Lecturer/Tutor Evaluation Surveys

Multiple Choice Answer sheets
Student/Lecturer/Tutor Evaluation Surveys

Customer Feedback

OMR documents are manufactured using the best quality paper which helps the document to stay steady/stiff for a longer period.

Sizes : A4, A3, Legal size and also customized at times.

Shapes : Rectangular.

Quality : Standardized paper as per the Security printing and Indian banks association guidelines is used.