Death Certificate

Printed with various security features like anti-Xerox , Void pantograph, UV invisible, Micro text, BIV feature, Penetrating ink, Ghost image, Blind embossing

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Definition : an official statement, signed by a doctor, of the cause, date, and place of a person’s death.

We are Offering Features :

Variety of Base Paper , It is made up of security fibres , non tearable substance, waterproof / water repellent, Termite proof and fibre resistant.

Printing  security features provided by us are as below:

copy pantograph, Anti – Xerox Ink, Pattern Guilloche, Nano Printing, Ghost Image, invisible ink Printing, Temp Ink Printing (thermochromic Ink), Numbering with Penetrating ink.

Data : 2D Barcode  and unique Coding.