Government Documents

Ballot Paper

We offer ballot paper with multi colour print and security features. like - security design, invisible ink, numbering with penetrating ink, barcode etc


We offer Ballot ink which is made of silver nitrate and is used for keeping the identification work for few days

Birth Certificate

Features we offer are variety of base paper , It is made up of security fibres , non tearable substance, waterproof / water repellent, Termite proof and fibre resistant.

Death Certificate

Printed with various security features like anti-Xerox , Void pantograph, UV invisible, Micro text, BIV feature, Penetrating ink, Ghost image, Blind embossing

Marriage Certificate

Printing security features provided by us are copy pantograph, Anti - Xerox Ink, Pattern Guilloche, Nano Printing, Ghost Image, invisible ink Printing, Temp Ink Printing (thermochromic Ink), Numbering with Penetrating ink.